220 Million Women Want It

Speaking at the forum in Davos, Switzwerland,Babatunde Osotimehin, the UN Population Fund Executive Director told his audience that 220 million women in the development world want family planning and aren’t getting it. He also said that many women would like to have fewer children, that a high percentage of the women die giving birth and that their death could be prevented with family planning. He asked for governments to do more to make family planning accessible to all women who want it, warning that without it the world’s population will grow by a billion within a decade. Surprising at it may be, the Davos setting gives the remarks added hope they might be heard. The people attending the yearly conference are drug makers who see in 220 milllion women an expanded market, people who can be intermediaries with the Catholic church’s opposition to contraceptives, people who can talk to governments, government themselves, members of the press, who made it possible for me to read about it. And too one can’t discount the people who might care just because it’s important to care about this issue.