The Story of Sarath Babu

Sarath Babu still lives with his mother in the same Chennai slum where he grew up. The house has brick where I bamboo stood, but it is a reminder of his commitment to help others. Thanks to his mother’s sacrifices and mostly his own efforts he was able to attend prestigious Indian universities and even get an MBA. Then he made a choice. He was offered high paying jobs, but he’d always had a dream to help others in the slum where he was raised. For each person he could employ he could help several others, since each worker was taking care of 5 or 6 people. He chose his dream, and while things were hard at times, he now employs 250 people in a fast growing food catering empire. His goal is to create 100,000 jobs and he’s hard at work expanding his business. At 31, he still have much time to succeed.
It is a time of the year when we glibly speak of the Christmas spirit forgetting perhaps that it can shine through non Christians as well. Whatever it may be called in whatever religious tradition, may what animates Sarath Babu inspire us all year long.