Perhaps They’ll Get The Message

–Some are protesting the pope’s stand on condoms by sending them to him–While traveling in Africa recently, Pope Benedict XVI said that condoms were not the answer to AIDS, though the continent is ravaged by the disease and condoms have been hailed as an effective prevention. His remarks have sparked protest in many circles. One protest, however, deserves mention because it is rare that a protest can manage to make its point with humor. An Italian group on the social networking site, Facebook, is urging people to send condoms to the pope. The packaged product the group proposes is a white plastic packet with the pope’s picture and the caption, I said no. The organizers were expecting some 60,000 condoms to be delivered to the Vatican. Others in Europe and elsewhere have also joined the protest, and it is possible that more condoms would be sent. Some are also sending a picture of a condom via email. Although the Vatican has tried hard to engage in damage control, there’s still the question of what they will do with all these condoms!Perhaps they’ll get the message after all.