Cheney As Example

–Former vice-President Dick Cheney is a lesson of someone who diggs in his heels—In his speech at the American Enterprise Institute former Vice-President Dick Cheney spoke from his heart, but apparently, what’s in his heart and what some of the facts are do not coincide. In his column the following day, David Brooks, the NYT’s commentator and a Republican explained how after 2003 the policies Mr. Cheney spoke about, policies Mr. Cheney was then advocating, were being slowly overruled by a group of Bush administration officials, including Condoleeza Rice. In a McClatchy newspaper article by Jonathan S. Landay and Warren P. Strobel they cite the omissions and misstatements by Mr. Cheney. For example, Mr. Cheney quoted National Intelligence Adviser Adm. Dennis Blair in statements and positions he did not hold or which he later changed, amended or qualified. While the precise instances would make for a long and very dry piece, the point remains. Mr. Cheney’s speech is revealing of his stance on these issues, a stance that is so deeply ingrained, it flies in the face of facts, or of any truth that may contradict it. It is not a unique phenomenon, we often see it manifest itself in so many people around us. In that Mr. Cheney becomes an example of digging in your heels and helps us see is how sad it can be.