No Dual Citizenship Dilemma

Dual citizenship enriches one’s understanding and does not divide loyalties–More and more people are becoming dual citizens, holding U.S. passports along with passports from their native countries. It is a trend that is disturbing many traditionalists, saying that one cannot be loyal to both the United States and another country. Obviously those who say this must not have met people holding dual citizenship, nor known many naturalized citizens. Naturalized citizens even when they don’t hold dual citizenship tend to maintain ties with their native culture. They may be bi-lingual–or more–travel back and forth, see the differences, understand strengths and weaknesses of each culture, and still hold a commitment to the United States. In the meanwhile their participation and grasp of what makes the U.S. a democracy is clearly enriched.Those who hold dual citizenship are no different. It may be harder for them to break ties with a part of their lives or there may be a special reason for a need to hold 2 passports, that does not make them bad American citizens. In fact it gives their American status layers single passport holders do not have. In a globalized world and an interdependent economy dual citizenship has its place in practical terms. On a larger more spiritual plane, it becomes a pebble in forging what will hopefully one day become one world. And to those who still doubt the relevance and benefit of dual citizenship, I would simply ask, does a parent love a child less because he or she has another?