Misplaced Priority?

Swedish doctors have succeeded in transplanting a uterus from a mother to a daughter. The hope is to perfect the technique as one more way women who are infertile can be able to carry their own baby. The issue is said to have some relevance to eliminating the problems of surrogacy. It does however mean surgery for the donor and both surgery and a lifetime of anti rejection drugs for the recipient. And too it raises ethical questions the scientific community and the society are not prepared to answer. We live on a planet where population growth is a concern, since the projected population looks to be surpassing the planet’s resources. We may be saved by some as yet unforeseen technological advance, until then oughtn’t we to focus on birth control and going back to pushing zero population growth? As exciting as uterus transplants may be for those who may want one, it does make me wonder whether focusing on how to perfect them isn’t a misplaced priority.