Making History

By voting for Barak Obama, it is the American electorate which made history–As we talk about the election, we can’t avoid mentioning its historical significance. the idea is that as the first African American to be elected, Barak Obama made history. It may be that another perspective is far more accurate, the people who voted for him made history. Without each and every single vote the victory would not have been possible. It is an important distinction because it is We the People, though we were made up of a different group in those days, who discriminated and insisted on Jim Crow laws. It is We The People who perpetuated segregation and all its indignities. It was therefore up to We The People to undo it, and that is what happened last November 4th. For the karma believers it was a karmic debt created by The People and therefore one We had to undo. For the more traditionally minded, it was an example based on the biblical notion that the sins of the father are visited upon the sons, a principle therefore enjoining us to take responsibility to redress the wrong of our forefathers. In that context it may have taken a few generations, but it was nonetheless accomplished. Either way it speaks for the power of the collective, for the relation of the individual to the whole, and for the importance each voice does hold.