Is It Really The Government?

–Government may be seen as inefficient, but GM and other corporations have shown themselves to be worse. Factoring in human limitations may yield better results–We often allow so called conventional wisdom to dictate our views with little thought that CW is not always based on fact. We, for example, hold on to the notion that government-run programs are inefficient, bureaucratic and wasteful. The question ought to be, are they more so than the private sector? Many say, yes indeed. And yet if that were so GM would still be the beacon of American industry and business it had been until its demise. And would banks have pushed sub-prime loans and doctor their books to make them look they were bringing in profits when in fact they were loosing money? Our current economic crisis is the result of several corporations being inefficient (Bears Sterns… Lehman… AIG, GM et al.), bureaucratic (don’t we hear how the GM mindset helped to defeat the corporation?) and wasteful (what about those bonuses to AIG and others)?
When we now hear that government may play a role in the future of healthcare, many tremble and raise their dander. It would seem that the limitations of human nature are a far more apt culprit than government, and those are as likely to occur in government as in the corporate sector. The way to address the problem may not be to think in terms of what sector will do what, (how much and who will pay may be more relevant) but how to protect whatever new program from the known current limitations of our specie.