Bangladeshi Workers sent home $11.65 billion in 2010—a record. The sum represents what 7 million Bangladeshi working abroad sent home, most in unskilled positions. The jobs were in countries of the Middle East, the U.K., Malaysia, Singapore, Italy and the U.S. among others. As a whole the remittances make up about 10% of the Bangladeshi economy of about $100 billion. Over the last five years, they have played a key role in lifting some 14 million people out of the poverty. Banks have made it easier to transmit money, so that the remittances can not only avoid the illegal system but also be used to boost the country’s foreign exchange reserves. The $11.65 billion figure is 6% over similar remittances the previous year. Even without the increase, one must admit it speaks of hard work, dedication, devotion, sacrifice, and a form of love that the more affluent West hasn’t needed—perhaps unfortunately—to develop.