Dear Senator McCain

Even after the election ends negative campaigning contributes to a divided country–Both you and Senator Obama have engaged in negative campaigning, but since it seems to me, your campaign and your statements are not only more frequent, but have the potential for more lasting consequences, I’m writing to you. I can understand your grit, your tenacity, your holding on to the outcome you desire saying you shall win. These are qualities that I suspect helped you become the war hero you are. But I don’t understand your distortions of the facts trying to paint your opponent as dangerous, undesirable and unpatriotic. You know that Sen. Obama is not a Muslim;you know that if he were,that would be in line with the freedom of religion guaranteed by our constitution;you know that his relationship to William Ayres is so slim it couldn’t even make him a terrorist by association;you know that his friendship with professor Khalidi couldn’t possibly be the determinant to his policy in regards to Israel. You ostensibly believe that you need this kind of arguments in order to make your case, set yourself apart from Senator Obama, although there are many differences between your approaches and lots to discuss about such vital topics as budgets, taxes, health care. Somehow you keep going back to those negative attacks that make some feel good. But these people are Americans too and they now believe the worst about Senator Obama. If, as it increasingly looks likely, Senator Obama wins, what happens to those you catered to, convinced even? I know some of them. They are actually scared. You can go back to the U.S. Senate, but where do they go? They already feel alienated. They distrust Obama and are ready to distrust anything he would do because they tend to think of him as a form of anti-Christ. Yes, these are mainly the so called Christian right, people you tried to appeal to (or is it appease) by choosing Governor Palin. But it’s like toothpaste being out, it can’t be put back. The country will continue to be divided, and the divide so deep as to be unbridgeable.
If I am right to believe polls and pundits and Obama wins, I hope once you’ve recovered from your loss, that you talk to those who believed your campaign arguments and get them to see they may disagree with a President Obama, but there is nothing to fear.