Space Travel and Billionaires

Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk are 3 billionaires who are engaged in space research and more specifically space travel. Many think that a good thing. Is it? How good is it to exploit space for profit? If that question makes sense to you, you are not alone. Space exploration and the results it brings ought to be part of a national resource, belonging to the nation, that is to all of its people, and ultimately to humanity. Besides, space may not be conquerable the way some countries Continue reading “Space Travel and Billionaires”

Money Misapplied

Perhaps you read or remember the series of articles the NYT ran about the conditions of nail salons, places where manicurists were exploited and underpaid. The series elicited a response from Albany where Ron Kim, a New York State assemblyman was instrumental in passing legislation protecting nail salons workers from wage fraud. Now he’s done an about face and is no longer standing behind the statute he helped passed saying that it needs amending. What happened in the middle is a fascinating story of American politics at its best—or should I say at its worst. The salon owners began Continue reading “Money Misapplied”