Trafficked Children and “The Ugly Truth”

Several days ago I read a couple of details in a story on the traficking of children in India that stayed with me. One was how unaware the realities of trafficking are is to most people in India, and the one that haunts me that young girls who were stolen as children to be trafficked were given hormone shots such as Oxytocin to makes them mature more quickly. That one detail evoked the horrors of that trade and I keep wondering about the effects of those Continue reading “Trafficked Children and “The Ugly Truth””

Fighting Human Trafficking

Trafficking is a $150 billion business and involves some 36 million people. Fighting it is therefore obviously difficult and complex. A reader may have heard of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), an endeavor began and in the main maintained by Mormons. The organization now has a film called The Abolitionists because it sees its mission not only with the zeal of faith but also with the same kind of commitment the abolitionists saw slavery—for to OUR trafficking is slavery. They are also filming what they hope will be a TV series documenting Continue reading “Fighting Human Trafficking”