Gene Drive, GMOs and Species Extinction

We all know that the anopheles mosquito causes malaria and that malaria kills half a million people a year. What if we could eradicate the anopheles mosquito and save so many lives, for down the road that would be many people indeed? Well we can. In fact the Bill Gates Foundation which has been so active in fighting malaria has made the technique behind all this a centerpiece of their anti-malaria effort. It’s a form of genetically modified organism called gene drive. Whereas genetic engineering usually affects one generation and may or may not be passed on, gene drive is passed Continue reading “Gene Drive, GMOs and Species Extinction”

GMO Technology and Industrial Food Production

Genetically modified food is one of the controversial subjects in our society. 49% of people surveyed think they can harm either health or the environment. The majority of scientists do not agree. Since it is the majority and not all, the debate continues and is becoming shrill. At the same time, there are other food related debates about food labeling or buying local, for example, so many debates the issues become clouded. McKay Jenkins, author of” Food Fight– GMOs and the future of the American Diet”, published last January was interviewed by Caitlin Dewey for her Washington Post Blog and said that to him the real issues lie beyond all the debates. Using technology to solve food deficiencies, drought or to find alternatives to fossil fuel dependencies is OK with him, however, the issue that is forefront is Continue reading “GMO Technology and Industrial Food Production”