Diversity 25 Years From Now

Twenty five years from now the US will look different. It will be darker and older. Those we now call minorities will be the majority by 2045. There will be more immigrants than ever before in the country, and since there will be more people over 65 than children, they will have to help carry the economic burden of so many on social security—assuming it is still viable. The census projections that give us these numbers remind us that although the white non college educated evangelical men who help elect Donald Trump will be a minority, that will not mean that racial tensions will disappear.  Christians will also cease to be a majority. There will be more Muslims than Jews, and about a fourth of the population will call themselves non-affiliated with any religious tradition.

So much behind Trump’s election and its aftermath, about the loyalty of his base seems to me at least, a backlash against race, against having had 8 years of a black president whose Muslim parentage was not understood. And now sheer demographics and sheer facts make the very people Trump and his supporters are  and were trying to avoid  on their way to be the controlling majority.

Non-Whites Needed

The head of CBS Entertainment division, Glenn Geller, recently announced that the network was interested in expanding diversity in its programming including non-white characters who would be shows’ main characters. During an interview after his announcement, Geller gave an example: The character of Nancy Drew in the planned reboot of the Nancy Drew series won’t be white. There was no word as to what color she would be, just that the idea of diversity will be applied to the young detective. The idea of applying diversity to new shows, particularly those which are retooled from past series, is increasingly talked about. In the series Elementary, Continue reading “Non-Whites Needed”