Amazon and Whole Foods–Good or Bad?

By all accounts Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, if it indeed goes through, is a very big deal. No one denies it will have many consequences, whether those consequences are good or bad. What will precisely be the nature of those consequences, though, is not so agreed upon. Of course it may depend on how far into the future one looks. In the near term it is said it will change the food industry, the habits of customers for whom ordering on line may well be easier, the delivery of goods, the nature of retail, the competition to be the largest retailer and for what’s would be left of the retail industry. Amazon which went public in 1997 was then worth $438million with a  stock price of Continue reading “Amazon and Whole Foods–Good or Bad?”

A Challenge to Amazon

Any media outlet considering itself important has felt the need to report on the NYT’s article describing what’s it’s like working for Amazon. As the Title reveals—Inside Amazon: Wrestling Ideas in a Bruising Workplace—it isn’t a picnic, but a high pressure, competitive, even brutal environment. The instance that was so ugly to me was about co-workers leaving messages on a worker’s supervisor’s voice mail containing some negative comment about that person, and by the language used Continue reading “A Challenge to Amazon”