Human Trafficking–Some Stats

Here are some statistics about human trafficking, statistics that require no commentary.

<>79% of trafficked people are women and children

<>Victims of trafficking are found in 106 of 193 countries

<>  from 2012-14 the UN  Office on Drug and Crime estimated 0ver 500 flows of trafficking from 137 different nationalities

<>Victims  are compelled to act as beggars, enter into sham marriages, forced into organ removal, participate in pornography production among others Continue reading “Human Trafficking–Some Stats”

Famine And Its Consequences

Some  20 million people from 4 countries, Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Northern Nigeria  are undergoing famine conditions.  The UN and food aid organizations ‘s definition of famine is when more than 30% of children under age 5 suffer from acute malnutrition and the mortality rate is 2 or more death for each 10,000 people each day. The number of people is the highest since the founding of the UN in 1945 right after WWII. The UN under secretary-general for humanitarian affairs Stephen O’Brien, describes that many will simply starve to death, or Continue reading “Famine And Its Consequences”

The Structurally Unemployed

There are 20 million people in the United States who would like a job and don’t have one or else have a part time job and would like or need more hours. These are those who are persistently without a job and are called the structurally unemployed. Their numbers has grown over the last few years. They are people who are unemployed because they have a criminal record, because they lack the skills or do not have the required education, because of where they live, in rural areas where jobs can be scarcer, because they are disabled, have a history of mental illness, or drugs. In more cases than Continue reading “The Structurally Unemployed”

A Nursing Home for Sex Workers

In many countries once sex workers are no longer desirable enough to work, they end up destitute and homeless. Carmen Munoz saw that, and a sex worker herself she was not only touched by their plight she wanted to prevent this from happening to her. Her own story can be typical of why women go to work in one of Mexico City’s several red light districts. At 22 with 7 children, her husband left her. She heard of a priest who helped people find jobs, but after Continue reading “A Nursing Home for Sex Workers”