A Challenge to Amazon

Any media outlet considering itself important has felt the need to report on the NYT’s article describing what’s it’s like working for Amazon. As the Title reveals—Inside Amazon: Wrestling Ideas in a Bruising Workplace—it isn’t a picnic, but a high pressure, competitive, even brutal environment. The instance that was so ugly to me was about co-workers leaving messages on a worker’s supervisor’s voice mail containing some negative comment about that person, and by the language used Continue reading “A Challenge to Amazon”

Progress For Farm Workers

It does look like consumers’ demands for food that is produced ethically are beginning to make some difference. Costco, Wal-Mart, Ben & Jerry’s (now owned by Unilever) along with a number of other food producers are taking notice and in some cases accommodating the demands of farm labor groups. There are two million farmworkers in the United States who still toil in harsh conditions, conditions that includes no days off, bad housing, and of course no vacation days. Several groups have sprung Continue reading “Progress For Farm Workers”

Mergers and Consumers’ Interest

A number of mergers have made the news: Anthem acquiring Cigna, AT&T acquiring Direct TV, Charter acquiring Time Warner Cable, in each case claiming that those mergers are ultimately good for consumers. In one of his recent pieces Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus points out he interviewed several economists who all agree that ultimately mergers aren’t good for consumers. They reduce competition and increase prices while Continue reading “Mergers and Consumers’ Interest”

Seeing and Doing Nothing

In Lorain, Ohio, not far from Cleveland, Paul Pelton drove by the scene of a fatal car crash. He stopped, took out his cel and began filming. He then posted the film on Facebook and tried to sell it to news outlet. To their credit no station including the Fox News affiliate did. In the car two teenagers were trapped and badly injured. He could have rendered aid, Continue reading “Seeing and Doing Nothing”