Struggling Towards Our Goals

An article from author and blogger Mark Manson indeed caught my attention. He expounded on the idea that we tend to want “the reward and not the struggle”, “the result and not the process”, the victory and not the fight. He reminded his readers that life does not work that way that “we are defined by the values we are willing to struggle for”, that “our struggles determine our successes”, and for us to choose our struggles wisely. I liked his approach that bypassed the unrealistically optimistic picture we often get, that all we have to do is want something and it will come, that success Continue reading “Struggling Towards Our Goals”

A Hope For Better Times?

Millenials are and have been a subject of great interest; for one thing they represent the future, for another they are the generation, 18 to 34, sought after by advertisers and media execs. Sometimes they are depicted as idealistic, sometimes as forging their way separate from their parents, and sometimes of course in negative terms. That was apparently what happened after several instances of students making demands from their respective universities. An article in Quartz related how some university officials then called them whiners and coddlers and in order to debunk the idea, the author decided to quote a few statistics, some of which I am sharing here. Continue reading “A Hope For Better Times?”


Since 1980 When Ronald Reagan won the presidential election, the American public has been hearing thoughts to the effect that the government is the problem because it is inefficient. Is it a wonder then that the latest Pew Research Center survey finds that only 19% of the public trusts government? To a degree it provides some rationale for the popularity of outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson. But it is a disturbing statistic. It may also explain the low voters turnout, the apathy behind many in the electorate who just don’t vote. Whether or not Continue reading “19%!!”


Hard to believe but cockroaches have a redeeming side. We shun them, destroy them, hate them, but it appears there is more to them. Cockroaches can save lives. A transmitter can be attached to them and since they are small enough to go anywhere, they can easily be sent through the rubble after a natural disaster and relay if there is life. There are 450 species of them—more than we need I’m sure—and of those only 4 species can be considered pests. In some countries they are pets and are part of folklore. They have and are providing inspiration for Continue reading “Cockroaches!!?”