Movie Violence–Where Is It Taking Us?

I unexpectedly found myself having to see “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2” and I’m glad I did. It put me face to face with an issue those who go to those movies usually don’t want to see and those who don’t rather not think about.  It is what many expect it to be, a movie with amazing special effects, and as its title guarantees literally an out of this world story line. It is as all movies of this genre well done, and in 3D it is even more so. But it raises a question, is it what Continue reading

The Sanctuary Movement

The Trump administration’s stance against illegal immigrants and the threat of deportation has revived the sanctuary movement of the 1980’s. There are new trends though which makes the movement one for our times.

Muslims are part of the movement now. While the majority of the participants are still Christian, as was the beginning of the movement in the United States, Jews are also involved. As to be expected, white evangelicals who are loyal to Mr. Trump feel strongly Continue reading


Here are some facts about Yemen. They portray a country in worse shape than Syria, facts that are hard to accept, but still the reality, and a reality we ought to remember because so many lives are affected.

<>OCHA (the office of coordination of human affairs) calls it the world’s largest food insecurity emergency

<>17 million are food insecure. 6.8 million are severely food insecure and 2 million children are acutely food insecure. (The total population is 27.4 million)

<>It would cost 2 billion dollars to bring food aid Continue reading